Clarence Day Scholarship Application

Clarence Day was committed to excellence, service to others, and to his hometown of Memphis. We are seeking outstanding applicants from Memphis and Shelby County who have the potential to become future leaders in Memphis. Each year, we select 10 incoming first-year students who have already demonstrated a passion for this city but want to continue to make a difference here. If selected as a Day Scholar, students will have opportunities to participate in campus and community events related to the Day Foundation and Memphis leadership initiatives in addition to the generous scholarship (click here for details).

I. General Information
Mailing Address
Have you made an official visit to campus?
If yes, when was your last visit?
II. Activities and Community Engagement
Please use the space below to LIST the ways that you are active in both your school
community as well as the Memphis and Shelby County communities.
III. Essay Questions
Please answer each of the following questions in the space provided.